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MirrorVue TV – Hide your TV Habit


Okay, I admit it, I’m a fan of TV. Not most of the shows on TV, but the gadget itself… I am amazed at this box that sits in our homes, letting us choose from countless hours of entertainment, live news and sports. I’m still not sure I know exactly how it works, but whoever invented this amazing little time killer was a genius. I want one in every room, is that too much? 

Not if we’re talking about the newest technology from EverVue, check out the MirrorVue Television, giving you the opportunity to transform what appears to be an ordinary mirror into a fully interactive TV. Let’s face it, TVs aren’t that attractive when they’re not being used, and as our TVs get bigger, those big black rectangles really start to dominate the spaces they’re in, but with the MirrorVue Television you can hide your TV, only revealing it, when it’s turned on.

Instead of putting a television on your wall or countertop, put up a stunning mirror instead. And when you switch your fabulous mirror on, the HD TV picture will magically appear just as if you were playing a normal television. Each MirrorVue can accommodate custom mirror sizes, TV picture sizes, picture locations, and even fabulous frame styles, that can completely match your decor.

So if a beautiful mirror, that transforms into a fantastic TV would make the perfect addition to any room in your home, check out and find out more. Prices starting at only around 1300 bucks! Oh mirror,mirror on the wall, what’s on TV tonight?