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Magewell announces new Ultra HD capture devices

pro-capture-aioMagewell has just announced that they will be expanding their Magewell Pro Capture family, where it will comprise of the Pro Capture AIO 4K and Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus, and with these two releases, they will hopefully firmly position Magewell as the industry leader in real time video capture. Having a cutting edge video solution is crucial to many in the entertainment industry for obvious reasons, since the envelope is being pushed constantly, and we have seen visual transitions from Standard Definition to High Definition and now, Ultra High Definition 4K over the years, and you can be sure that 8K TVs and recording devices will be in vogue in no time as well. In order to reliably ingest media from a wide selection of source resolutions and frame rates, Magewell intends to fulfill this role with the aforementioned Pro Capture AIO 4K and Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus.

James Liu, VP of Engineering, shared, “Our mission is to provide the highest quality video capture at an economic price. That drives us to stay a generation ahead of the competition, and to give our clients what they need when they need it. Our community asked for true 4K Ultra HD capture and we delivered!”

The new 4K additions to the Magewell Pro Capture family will start to ship from next month onward, although pre-shipment orders have already began to be accepted. Some of the special features of the Pro Capture AIO 4K and Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus include true 4K resolution capture without any special SDK, broad compatibility with all popular industry software, support for both HDMI and SDI interfaces, with the Pro Capture AIO 4K supporting both HDMI 1.4 and 6G SDI at 4K30fps while the Pro Capture AIO 4K Plus supports both HDMI 2.0 at 4K60fps and 6G SDI at 4K30fps. Not only that, they will support standards unique to 4K signals like BT.2020, and make use of the standard Magewell Pro Capture driver, being compatible with industry-leading Magewell Pro Capture SDK. Anyone interested in upping the ante for their work?

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