Magellan has Back-Up Camera for RoadMate GPS units

When it comes to backing up your vehicle, not everyone finds it as easy as you do – or perhaps, you might even fall into the category of preferring to parallel park instead of backing up vertically! Well, fret not – there are devices out there in the market that will help you out of this particular dilemma, including a back up camera, but what happens when a GPS company like Magellan rolls out their Back-Up Camera companion device? This will play nice with the RoadMate safety series of car navigation units, letting you reverse and park more safely.
Working in tandem with this camera would be a Safety Series GPS navigator that will expand Magellan’s focus on safety and security the entire time you are seated within your vehicle. It will kick off whenever the Back-Up Camera kicks into high gear, helping you reverse out safely from your driveway, and will continue working throughout your entire commute with premium GPS navigation features. The time it clocks out? When you park your car without causing any damage to property around you, followed by shutting off the ignition.

The Magellan Wireless Back-Up Camera will be attached to the vehicle’s rear license plate, where it will transmit images directly to the generous 7″ high resolution screen of a RoadMate 1700 or RoadMate 9055 GPS device. Whenever you engage the reverse gear, the GPS navigator will automatically switch from map to rear-view mode, letting you see just what is below the rear window.
Being both dustproof and waterproof to IP67 standards, the accompanying wide-angle viewing lens will deliver a 120-degree viewing area right behind the vehicle. Its transmitter that is located within the car’s trunk is also water resistant (to IPX4 standard). Boasting a 45-foot range and a 45 degree camera vertical adjustment, the transmitter ought to be able to play nice with just about any vehicle, SUVs and RVs.
The Magellan Wireless Back-Up Camera kit will retail for $149.99 if you’re interested.
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