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Maclocks ensures that your MacBook 12″ will not be a security risk in public areas

maclockWe live in a world where we are a whole lot mobile, especially in our work. The traditional confines of the office does not cut the mustard any more for a whole lot of industries, and that is fine, as long as people are productive and able to deliver value regardless of where they are. Well, if you have ever gone out to work solo before, sitting at a Starbucks or other public areas while hammering out the details of that business proposal, I am quite sure that there were moments when you needed to answer nature’s call. This meant leaving your notebook on the table as you make a dash for it. This would leave your notebook vulnerable to theft, but thankfully for MacBook owners, there is the MacBook 12″ Lock from Maclocks.

This is not something new from the folks over at Maclocks as they have rolled out MacBook locks before, but this particular option is different since it claims to be the only method of securing the new MacBook exposed USB-C Port from potential security risk. Sounds worth it to me, don’t you think so?

The latest MacBook might be the slimmest device of its kind courtesy of its advanced design, sporting a single Type-C plug for charging and device connection so that one can save more on space. However, this would also mean a higher degree of security issues if left unprotected. Maclocks steps in with the new MacBook Lock, cited to be the very first lock that has been specially designed to include security for the extremely vulnerable USB-C port.

The extremely slim bracket is ultra-lightweight, tipping the scales at under 0.1lb, ensuring that it adds minimal bulk and yet allows the MacBook to slip into a sleeve or bag without much effort. It will be fastened to the bottom of the device, while incorporating the security slot to which the included cable lock is attached. Definitely the ideal answer to anyone who wants to secure their new MacBook while on the move, right?

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