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Machine reminds you to take medication

md2-pill-dispenser.jpgWith the vast amount of pills that we are taking every single day, it can be quite tough to remember the entire schedule. Before or after meals? Once or twice a day? Do we take it in the morning, or just before we get to bed? It definitely requires a lot of brainpower keeping track of all that, which is wht the MD.2 Pill Dispenser was created to help eliminate all the mentioned problems. This unique device is a pill dispenser that features a voice alarm to nudge you into taking your pills at the appropriate time, ensuring you won’t forget even a single dose.

The MD.2 Pill Dispenser is not only capable of delivering medication up to six times in a single day, it will even call the caregiver via regular landline or cellphone if the medication was not consumed within the stipulated time. With 60 medication cups inside, you only need to reload the MD.2 monthly. The voice alarm is accompanied by a flashing light so unless you’re both deaf and blind, the chances of you missing a dose is extremely slim.

Anyone could make use of the MD.2 Pill Dispenser, from working adults and their list of multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants to the ageing society who have plenty of medication to consume, from high blood pressure medicine to aspirin among others. You will need to subscribe to the monitoring service once the initial free sixty day period is up. For just $29.95 a month, it is definitely an affordable method of ensuring everybody in the family get all the medication and pills on time as prescribed. The MD.2 Pill Dispenser currently retails for $749.95.

Source: Ubergizmo