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MacGyver 256MB MP3 Watch


Who doesn’t remember MacGyver, the gadget man? Well, with this unique watch everyone will believe you are the new gadget man. This is one awesome gift that will draw more attention than anything else you will ever wear. It just gives the ambience of hidden items. It may only appear to be normal wristwatch, but in fact it is so much more. It is a MP3 player, a voice recorder and an USB thumb drive. This would be one exquisite gift for the guy that has everything.

Not only will you be able to tell the time, but with the 256 MB storage capacity you will be able to listen to your favorite tunes for hours. You can also record your thoughts or things you need to remember with the built in microphone. If a girl at the office gives you her phone number, you will be able to record it and have it when you need her number. It also has the capabilities to be plugged into your computer with the USB cable that is included and download even more songs; even the software to do this is included. The USB connection also charges the watch and is used for uploading your voice recordings or data from the flash drive.

Listen to your favorite music in MP3 or WMA formats playing either in sequence or in a random mode. Selecting an equalizer mode for the music you love will be easy as you can choose from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, or Normal. An LED lights up your chosen mode. LED’s also indicate your connection to your computer, power, and the mode. If you wish to listen to your music without any interruptions you can plug in the earbuds through the 2.5mm earphone jack.

Other features of the MacGyver 256MB MP3 Watch includes: system requirements of the processor should be Pentium 166 MHz MMX, the operating system needs to be Windows 98, 2000, or XP, Mac OSX; USB port; 64MB RAM, 20MB free hard-disk space.

With the rechargeable lithium ion battery, which takes about 2 hours to recharge, will allow you to listen to 7 full hours of music. Voice recording time is around 18 hours when fully charged. The price online is around $179.99, not bad for a great gadget like this one.

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