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Mace Pepper Gun – Packing Heat!

I worry about personal safety, not so much for myself, but for my little girl. She’s only 10 now so I’m with her most of the time, but someday she’ll be off to the mall, or worse… off to college and all alone. *sniff* I don’t know how I’m gonna handle it, but it would be easier if I knew how to make her safer.

I’m hoping that some strides will have been made in personal safety products by then, but in the meantime check out the Mace Pepper Gun. Touted as one of the most accurate defense sprays around, the Mace Pepper Gun utilizes a replaceable, bag-in-a-can cartridge that allows users to spray a constant stream of liquid agony, well over 20 feet.┬áThe Mace Pepper Gun also employs a trigger activated LED light that not only lets you see who you’re aiming at, but may in fact blind, or disorient the attacker before you even get a chance to shoot him in the face!

Of course the Mace Pepper Gun has a safe/fire mechanism that should prevent you, or someone you love from accidentally discharging the pepper spray on themselves and the chemical cartridges are easily replaced when they are empty. Each Mace Pepper Gun comes complete with batteries, a 28 Gram OC cartridge, as well as a water cartridge, so you can test-fire your gun and become familiar with how it works, well before the need arises.

So if you’d like a little portable protection, that seems a whole lot less scary than an actual firearm, head over to and look at the Mace Pepper Gun, it’s only around 40 bucks and comes in 2 different shades of blue, as well as pink or silver. Go ahead, make my day!