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m300 – World’s First Truly Mobile GSM Phone Watch

Australian company SMS Developments Ltd has just announced the world’s first truly mobile GSM watch phone. From the pictures it doesn’t look much bigger than a conventional (albeit bulky) watch but also sports full voice and SMS capabilities.

Must admit I’m some what surprised that this sort of technology has taken so long to hit the market. It just seemed a matter of time (no pun intended) before mobile technology was small enough to cram into an ordinary wrist watch.

Full details are a bit sparse at the moment but the specs include:

  • Mode : GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHZ
  • Dimensions : 43 x 56 x 14.8 mm
  • Display : 65K OLED (0.9″)
  • Memory : 128 * 32
  • Internal type antenna
  • Bluetooth (with bluetooth headset for voice call only)
  • SIM Card support
  • Speaker Phone Text base UI
  • Talk Time 80 Minutes, Standby Time 70 hours

The M300 is available to buy online from MyMobileWatch for $649 AUD (~$500 USD), hat tip to Rohan of Gizoo for the info.

13 thoughts on “m300 – World’s First Truly Mobile GSM Phone Watch”

  1. I have never seen anything more ugly and bad looking. I have never seen anything more usefull also :)… Good idea, good realisation… bad design.

  2. je pense que le m300 ne sera jamais livré ils sont entrain de ramasser le plus possible d argent
    et puis il fermeront leur activité
    la livraison été prévu le mois de novembre 2006 et mainttenent pour le mois, de mars 2007
    après il diront, pour le mois juillet 2007

  3. C est inutile de ce prendre la tète Alex
    Comme j ais dit plus haut pour moi c est de l arnaque
    A moi il mon prélevée 2 fois et toujours pas de remboursement
    Je pense que je vais allée en Australie et puis ?????

  4. Hello seb for me contact 0688446028 me also I am in France J board to send an email has ingram èlègant For refunding and here the answer

    Well the units are shipped, and are waiting to clear customs and get
    approval. This is our first shipment as you may know so this process is
    taking longer than we expected.

    It wouldnt be fair to give you guys the m300 when the m500 is ready as well.

    So we are upgrading you.

    The m500 is real and is the one being shipped, we have upgraded all
    customers, this has touchscreen, mp4, larger memory etc and is more expensive
    but we are upgrading you guys just for the wait.

    We have been in the same position, we wanted the units out in december last
    year, but this being a worlds first we must make 100% perfect, and the m500
    fits that.

    Please bair with us just for a little bit longer and the units will be at
    your address very soon. Please feel free to claim a charge back from your
    bank if needed, we will take care of it on our end no problem. Or just wait
    a little bit longer and you will have the m500. You are not being scammed
    trust me, just a longer process than we thought.

    Sorry for all of this, please keep in mind “worlds first”.

    Thanks and do feel free to get into contact.


  5. I’m sorry to read all the hassle that this watch seems to be causing.

    Coolest Gadgets is in no way associated with MyMobileWatch but if there is anything we can do I’d be happy to help.

    If a representative from MyMobileWatch would like to get in touch with us to explain why people are having so much trouble I’d be happy to do a follow up post or possible warning.

  6. hello my email

    I don’t agree with your last email and don’t agree your explanation.
    > > I’m waiting for the watch since december, I can’t believe you
    > > anymore ! Now, if the watch is not delivered at home as I
    > > expected it and before end of april, I ask you to refund the money
    > > back on my account ! Regards, Luigi

    here the reponce

    ,Some people have been waiting for over a year, and our company has been for 3 > years! > > Either way if you want to wait till the start or may thats fine, or we can > refund the funds back no problems. Up to you mate. > > > Let me know what you want to do and we will take it from there. > > Cheers, > Tony

    C is a campagnie of insane
    > >

  7. Due to possible legal action regarding comments on this post I have removed all related comments whilst I seek professional legal advice. I will provide an update as and when I am able to.

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