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M2S All-Go electric bicycle intends to defy traditional conventions

m2sWhen it comes to electric bikes, there tends to be this particular “prejudice”, so to speak, of such a mode of transport being heavy or rather difficult to tote around due to the additional battery pack as opposed to a normal bicycle. Having said that, it looks like the M2S All-Go intends to change all sorts of stereotypes that one has in one’s mind, as the M2S All-Go electric bike will sport a carbon frame that offers not only distinct looks, but also a light ride weight to boot.

For starters, the M2S All-Go will come with a 27-speed Shimano Alivio powertrain, a powerful 500-watt mid-drive motor, a stem-integrated display that does its important job of displaying vital information and a 36-volt lithium ion battery pack that is there to back up your legs just in case you feel that you are unable to pedal another 100 meters more.

Sporting a clean, stylish design alongside manageable weight, the M2S All-Go will tip the scales at a relatively lightweight 33 lb (15 kg), where it sports a full carbon fiber frame that plays an integral role in keeping that weight down, ensuring that the bike itself is also easier to pedal whenever the battery runs out, and also far easier on your back and body whenever you need to carry it.

As for what the M2S All-Go is capable of, it will come with a 500-watt (peak power) mid-mounted, pedal-assist electric drive which will be able to churn out speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). There is also a removable, lockable 8.7Ah lithium-ion battery located in the down tube which is good for up to 30 miles (48 km) of pedal-assist cycling. If you would like to juice it up, it will require approximately four hours to power up from empty, and M2S is also looking at upgrading that battery as part of a stretch goal of its Indiegogo campaign.

If you do not need the electric boost at all, fret not, you can always opt to turn it off and rely on pure pedal power alone, now how about that?

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