M2E Recharges as You Walk

Even as I write this report, I have my cellular phone plugged into the wall. Usually, I forget to charge it, and I have to milk one bar on the battery indicator all day. Like me, I’m sure you have been in predicaments where you desperately needed to charge your cellular phone, but don’t have time to hang around a power outlet for the next few hours.

Fortunately, there is a solution. What if you could just charge your phone with the simple action of walking? This is the basic principle of M2E Power.

I realize that the picture of this product (currently a concept) isn’t much to look at, but there is a lot going inside. It works with a miniature magnet passing through a coil, which captures the lowest emissions of kinetic energy. Kinetic actions like walking will then power up devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, or MP3 Players.

We’ve seen motion powered tech like this before, but M2E plans to up the ante as they say that their technology can generate 300, possibly 700 percent, more power than current kinetic energy technology available now.

The designers want to get this product into the hands of the military soon, but they say it will take two or three years before it arrives in the hands of customers.


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