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LynQ smart compass sees extended Indiegogo campaign

LynQ_Smart_CompassThere are many things these days that have begun to earn the “smart” moniker in its prefix, and the compass happens to be one of them. At least this is what the LynQ Indiegogo campaign is all about, where such a smart compass is capable of locating virtually anyone without having to make use of smartphones, networks, subscriptions, or even to rely on any other kind of infrastructure. With the LynQ’s compass-like display, individuals as well as groups will be able to see their relative distance and direction from one another, ensuring that nobody from the “pack” ends up elsewhere, while functioning even when all of the other technologies fail.

It surely sounds extremely cutting edge, but it is simple in nature, really. Just about everyone has experienced a degree of difficulty when it comes to staying together with friends at a music festival, a place where cellular service would be nonexistent with maps being as useful as ice to an Eskimo. How about those who have gone on a skiing holiday and have been separated at the ski slope? Or the fear of a parent who turns around at the newly opened shopping mall, only to see that your child has wandered off elsewhere? With LynQ, everything changes.

Setting up the LynQ takes a matter of seconds, and using it is as simple as pressing the solitary button on it. The user interface allows it to pair up to a dozen devices quickly, where a simple click is all that is required for users to alternate between their group members, show off a user’s name, direction arrow as well as the number of feet/miles to their location. These are fully visible under any conditions courtesy of a backlit, sunlight readable display. One can also opt to have boundaries set for their group, where sound, optical and vibration alerts will kick in at the moment a person leaves a boundary.

Right now, it has a pre-order pricing of $174 for a 2-pack, so make sure you get it while it is still affordable!

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