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Lying Down Laptop Stand lets you surf while you recline


There are a lot of ways to work on a computer, especially if you have a laptop. You can set it on a traditional desk, and sit in front of it. You can curl up on the floor or a couch, and have it sitting in your lap, or you can even use one of those standing desks, to make sure that you’re not being too lazy. But what if you want to be extremely lazy, and use your laptop while laying down? You’re going to need a very special stand for that.

The Laying Down Laptop Stand does exactly what you would think. It allows you to use your computer while laying down flat on your bed. You’ll just need to strap your notebook to the stand, and then rotate it to the proper angle. Now, just climb underneath it, and get comfortable while you surf the net. Now, I’m not quite sure just how comfortable you can be, with your hands raised up above you. I guess it might be alright if you had a mouse to use on the bed, and you’re not doing much typing, or perhaps watching YouTube videos or Netflix. Regardless of what you’re wanting to do, this $95 stand will help you do it.