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LUTZ Pathfinder is the UK’s first driverless electric car

lutz-pathfinderI am quite sure that technology has added plenty of value to your life, but are there moments when you feel that you would not want to relinquish all that amount of control to technology in your life? For some of us, we might be apprehensive at the thought of driverless cars plying our roads – after all, who is to blame in the event of an accident? That is surely something which is worth taking into consideration, don’t you think so? Still, the pendulum of progress cannot be stopped, which is why the LUTZ Pathfinder, which happens to be Britain’s first driverless electric-powered car, has seen it launched in Greenwich before being spotted driven in neighborhood.

The LUTZ Pathfinder should be easy enough to pick out from the clogged roads in the city, as this pod-like two-seater automated car has a design that has clearly taken the path less traveled. It was developed by Transport Systems Catapult in partnership with UK Automotive Council, University of Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and other groups. Why is it called the LUTZ Pathfinder? Well, LUTZ happens to be an acronym for Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone, and that is where the name has since stuck, where under the Pathfinder programme, this particular electric ride will come equipped with a multitude of sensors, multiple cameras and navigation technology which were specially developed by University of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group.

The LUTZ Pathfinder will not totally rely on cameras to guide it around, since it will also make use of high-end sensors for navigational purposes. The pod itself boasts of radars, lasers and panoramic cameras in a future edition, as the final phase of begins. It is said to be able to last for 8 hours of non-stop driving on a full charge, and has a top speed of approximately 15 miles per hour – definitely not something that you would want to be in if you are in a hurry to arrive at your destination.

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