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The Lunicycle is an ultra portable unicycle that’s easy to ride


If you like to be outdoors, then you’re probably¬†looking for new activities to partake in. That’s not to say you don’t already have some awesome options at your disposal, but there could always be more! If you think skating is too easy and running is too hard on your joints, why not try out a unicycle?

It’s a pretty large leap past a bicycle as it takes a lot more balance and fine motor skills, but life is no fun if you don’t go outside of your comfort zone every now and again. This Lunicycle is sure to spice things up, as it will not only let you choose your own difficulty, but is also small enough that you can use it for short¬†commutes to work and can store it at your desk! It features a very low center of gravity and adjustable pedals so you can be more stable while you’re dealing with a learning curve.

Your feet go on the pedals, and you’ll need to focus on keeping yourself upright and moving forward while staying steady on the supports that will be resting against your calves. This can hold riders up to 300 pounds, and uses an oval wheel so you won’t have a dead spot mucking up your ride. This is a $149 purchase that will take some time to master, but since it has minimal upkeep and will add a new fun thing to do outside on your roster, it sounds like a win-win. Now if only summer could get here faster.

Available for purchase on Amazon