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The Lunatec Aquabot turns a water bottle into a pressurized water gun

Lunatec Aquabot

Since our planet and bodies are made up mostly of water, it would make sense that we often have a use for the ole H2O. We have to drink it, use it to grow food, wash things, cook with it, bathe in it, and the list could really go on for quite some time. While we mostly get our water out of a faucet anymore, the reason we often go to the tap is for refilling a water bottle.

While a water bottle is basically mandatory to keep yourself hydrated, we also use it to cool off, clean up while we’re out in the world, and play with it. Don’t tell me you haven’t run through a sprinkler before. While the main verb you associate with water coming out of a water bottle is pour, the Lunatec Aquabot will also let you add spray, mist, and shoot to the list. This bottle top will pressurize the water in your bottle so you can fire it at your friends, mist it on your face, or clean off your feet after a day at the beach.

This would be rather useful for those who are always outside. There are three spray patterns which consist of shower, stream, and mist. There are stealth and pulse modes for more control over the pressure of the water, and it can spray up to 25 feet. This $20 top does NOT come with a bottle, so you’ll have to either have your own bottle that will fit this thing, or buy a new one to accommodate it. This is a neat idea to have water handy for however you need to use it.

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