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This Lunch Box Placemat keeps kids healthy and parents sane


Having kids is like signing up for a full time in-home job, with a boss that doesn’t know how to be professional. On top of trying to mold your child into a functioning human being, you also have to keep up with your own life, and the wrenches your bundles of joy throw into the works. Cleaning up messes will be a constant state of existence, making anything that’s not machine-washable or something that can be thrown into the dishwasher another chore on top of your already busy days.

 Since you have to steer your tot in the best direction you can, you need to make it easy for them to not mess up. This Neoprene Lunch Box Placemat will do just that, by making sure that all the mess of their school lunch stays in one place. Since kids don’t really understand the concept of germs, their lunch boxes go with them outside, in bathrooms, and on the floor in the classroom. This same lunch box is going on their lunch table, and you can imagine that they’re not going to bring a sanitary wipe to clean off the surface before they eat off of it.

This Neoprene mat will zip up on each of the four corners, and when unzipped will reveal lunch, as well as a clean space to eat on. Most lunch boxes are just vessels for food, so this method ensures your kids have lunch and a place to eat it. These come in regular or large sizes with a variety of color combinations, costing around $18 a piece, and yes, they are completely machine washable.

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