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LUNATIK introduces TAKTIK 360 waterproof case for iPhone 6/6s

TAKTIK360There is nothing quite like having the feeling of purchasing a brand new device and bringing it home, carefully unboxing it while admiring the kind of work that went into its design and final production. The iPhone range is a work of art that is a very good example, and it seems as though you should do your level best in order to make sure that your iPhone remains in a pristine condition at all times. Unfortunately, life being life will see scratches, knocks and drops eventually cross paths with your iPhone, which is why a protective case is more or less the first compulsory accessory that one picks up after a new handset purchase. LUNATIK knows how much your new iPhone 6s means to you, which is why they have announced the availability of TAKTIK 360 for iPhone 6/6s.

The TAKTIK 360 for iPhone 6/6s was specially designed by Scott Wilson and his award-winning team at MINIMAL, where it comes across as the next generation of LUNATIK’s best-selling TAKTIK Extreme (for iPhone 4/5) protective cases. Carrying an IP68 rating and engineered to exceed even the military drop test standard for impact protection, the TAKTIK 360 can be said to be a tank built to withstand the most rugged of activities.

One can say that the TAKTIK 360 was built to be indestructible, and it can offer the most in drop, shock and impact protection in the protective case market for the iPhone 6/6s today. It does not matter what your job, hobby or passion is, you will be able to rely on your precious handset surviving just about any adventure with the TAKTIK 360.

After all, it boasts of an airtight compression system and single latch closure that protects from water and dust with an IP68 rating, ensuring it is fully waterproof for up to one hour in water as deep as two meters. There is also Corning Gorilla lens for edge-to-edge protection without sacrificing on the fluid touchscreen experience. Expect the TAKTIK 360 to retail for $119.95 as it comes in black and white shades.

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