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LUNATIK introduces cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

lunatik-iphone-caseSo, you have decided to get yourself one of those spanking new iPhones from Apple, and simply cannot wait to ensure that the latest model in your collection is one that will reside on the high end side of things. That’s not too difficult, really, taking into consideration how Apple tends to roll out a brand new iPhone each year, which means you will need to start saving up even after unboxing the latest model just to make sure that you have the kind of financial backing to pick up the new model when it arrives. Prior to that, though, you should do all in your power to make sure your spanking new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will remain in pristine condition – and that can be done with the help of a protective case. LUNATIK, designer of premium mobile and wearable accessories, has stepped up to the plate by delivering top-rated protection for Apple’s latest handsets.

Leading the new range from LUNATIK would be the best selling SEISMIK case, where the name itself invokes the very real possibility of it being able to withstand a fair amount of punishment. After all, it exceeds military standards where drop protection is concerned, and it has been constructed to meet life’s unexpected everyday drops. How does it go about its job? Well, SEISMIK will make use of a patented Impact Truss system that actually bounces upon impact, and the translucent durable hard-shell back panel and impact-absorbing perimeter frame delivers sleek protection for those who rely on their gear. Arriving in black/smoke, black/clear and dark raspberry, you can equip your iPhone 6S with it for $34.95.

Up next would be LUNATIK’s ARCHITEK, which will boast of a striking diagonal grid core that was inspired by Chicago’s iconic architecture. Merging both form and function, ARCHITEK’s construction boasts of serious structural impact protection: a drop-resistant, transparent outer hardshell and a co-molded, shock-absorbing diagrid core. The diagrid will ensure that less material is used, hence reducing the overall weight sans sacrificing impact absorption performance. The asking price for the ARCHITEK for iPhone 6S which arrives in black or purple would be $34.95.

Last but not least, the FLAK caters to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, where this dual-layer jacket offering delivers lightweight armor for your device. It has been designed with a couple of low-profile layers of protection­– a soft TPU material to cushion and cradle the phone and a hard polycarbonate shell, where the materials interlock with a slide and snap attachment. It too, will go for $34.95.

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