LunaR is a solar-powered smartwatch

lunar-smartwatchA smartwatch more often than not comes with its very own collection of features apart from simply telling the time. It will, most of the time, be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, alerting you of any incoming messages or phone calls so that you know who is contacting you without having to go through the trouble of taking out your smartphone from your pocket. However, smartwatches have far less battery life compared to their standard issue counterparts, for one simple reason: the processor within, screen time, and other chips require plenty of juice compared to just having a few hands ticking away. Why not harness the power of the sun? This is exactly what the deal is with LunaR, a solar-powered smartwatch that has been launched on Kickstarter.

 Touted to be the world’s first solar powered smartwatch, the LunaR will incorporate next-generation proprietary technology, integrating various smartwatch features and a solar charging system complete with traditional timepiece aesthetics. Thanks to the transparent solar panel, it does not look unsightly at all, harvesting all of the sun’s power in addition to artificial light around, so much so that if you were to use it on a daily basis, there is virtually no need for you to charge it, ever.

Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, avid travelers and lifestyle watch aficionados, the LunaR will arrive in a sleek design alongside discreet notifications for text, calls and social media. Not only that, it has valuable life-tracking and monitoring functionality too, including steps, distance, calories and sleep data.Dual timezone timekeeping makes it a snap for travelers to keep on schedule at home and on the road, and it is also tough enough to be water resistant up to 50 meters. Those who would like to secure the LunaR smartwatch on Kickstarter will be able to do so for $239 a pop.

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