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The Luna Smartcover makes it easier to sleep

Luna Bed Cover

While managing how much food you eat, water you drink, and exercise you get in every day is important, sleep plays just as integral a role to your health. There’s a bit of a ritual before going to bed where you brush your teeth, set out clothes for the next day, and patterns of tossing and turning that warm up the bed to the point where you can peacefully drift off. Of course, having a good mattress can make a big difference, but there’s nothing quite like getting into bed when there’s already a warm spot.

If you wish you could lay down on a bed that is already warm and be able to track the quantity and quality of the time you’re asleep, then you’re going to love Luna. This is a smart bed cover that can manage your bed temperature and track your sleep. There are two temperature zones for those who share a bed, and over time it will automatically learn your habits.

This will be able to monitor your sleep phase, heart rate and breathing while keeping you comfy cozy while you rest. The smart alarm will wake you right when you are in a light sleep so you won’t wake up feeling groggy. This can fit on full, queen, and king size mattresses that are up to 21 inches tall, and goes on under your sheets. This is currently an overly successful crowdfunding campaign, and should you be interested in getting in on the action, it will cost you anywhere from $199-229 depending on what size of bed you have.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo