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The LUNA mini will sonic clean blemishes right off your face

LUNA mini

Your face is one of the first things people will see when meeting you for the first time. We all struggle with different kinds of breakouts and finding the right facial cleansing routines, but it’s fairly obvious when you’re not putting forth any effort. This really is a “skin-deep” aspect to you as a person, but society does judge us for how we look. If it doesn’t look like you’re taking care of yourself, that normally is taken as how you treat all things in your life (whether or not that may be true).

If you’re looking for a way to clean out the pores on your face and reduce blockages, there are better methods than just scrubbing with a washcloth and soap. The LUNA mini is a non-porous device that uses “transdermal sonic pulsations” in tandem with your facial cleanser to loosen up impurities on your skin and wash them out. It will be taking the place of your washcloth (if you use one), and uses 1300 non-abrasive touch-points that are coated in silicone. The points are configured into three different zones, which is supposed to make this more available to all skin types.

This is waterproof, so you can keep and use this in the shower. You’ll have to recharge it via USB, but that is the only real upkeep you’ll need to do. The material this is made from doesn’t absorb bacteria, so you won’t have to worry about replacement heads or rigorous cleaning. This comes in a variety of colors, and will cost you around $139.

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