Lumus PD-20, a unique piece of eyewear

lumavision.jpgYou know how those iPod video glasses are like, trying to give you a big screen experience while keeping you oblivious to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, being blind to the rest of the world while enjoying your favorite movie isn’t exactly my idea of having a good time. The Lumus PD-20 is a small step towards realizing the dream of a pair of video glasses, offering a reflection from a Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) that is placed directly in the eye’s line of sight, thanks to the image source which is projected from the box attached to the frame.

This means any technology such as LCD and OLED can be utilized for the initial display with a small transparent paneling (the aforementioned LOE) acting as a tiny projector screen, beaming images from the screen back to your eye. This method enables you to enjoy a complete peripheral vision, and chances are as technology improves, the source microdisplay will be able to be upgraded for a more enjoyable viewing experience. Besides, you will still be able to check out the world in front of you so you don’t need to be confined to a sofa or bed while simulating the experience of watching a movie on a 32″ widescreen display.

Lumus announced VGA resolutions in their eyewear during the later part of last year, so we’re hoping that other companies such as cellphone display manufacturers will get on with the program already and throw in more features which we don’t actually need but crave for. Imagine watching your favorite cartoon or movie while on the job without your boss knowing any better.

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