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LUMOback posture sensor will straighten you out

Do you ever look at a picture someone took of you and realize how terrible your posture was? Of course, for the next few days, you try to correct this terrible flaw, and any time someone snaps a photo, you do your best to straighten up. However, a few weeks pass and you’re back to your old habits again. You can always ask family and friends to remind you when you’re slouching, but that places a responsibility on them that they shouldn’t really have.

The best way to go about changing an aspect of your life is to do it yourself because you want to see the difference. Of course, a little assistance is always nice, but you can’t rely on others to help you with your issues. The LUMOback Posture Sensor will help you do just that, by giving you gentle reminders throughout the day.

This is a strap that is worn on your lower back, and will connect wirelessly with your smartphone. The app it corresponds with will tell you all of the specifics of how you’re standing and sitting over the course of the day. Whenever you spine isn’t doing what it should be, it will vibrate to let you know you need to readjust. This $150 device can be worn over or under your clothes, and can also act as a activity and sleep tracker.

Available via LUMOback