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Lumo Run is now available to increase your running performance

lumorunSo you love to keep fit by running, and you intend to maintain your fitness levels in the future through more challenging routes. What are the tools at your disposal in this day and age? No longer do you need to rely on your gut feeling, but you can also employ the clever use of modern day technology in order to aid your run. Lumo Bodytech knows this, which is why they have come up with the spanking new Lumo Run that claims to be able to increase your running performance in the long run (pardon the pun).

This $99.99 device is an advanced wearable and smart sensor which will bring together the powerful data of a running lab alongside the personal attention of a coach, except that it is not a human or a person working behind some machines. Rather, it will take all of the important data that it has picked up during your run, go through some specially concocted algorithms in order to assist runners in improving their performance over time. The Lumo Run is capable of offering real-time feedback in order to improve running form and efficiency, and this will help increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

It is lightweight in nature, not to mention discrete, where you can place it on the small of the back, either in a clip or a custom pocket integrated into the smart shorts. Such a location would be the ideal placement so that it can measure key metrics such as cadence (steps-per-minute), brake (change in horizontal velocity), bounce (vertical oscillation), and important pelvic measurements such as tilt, rotation and drop.

Your ears will definitely find the Real-Time Audio Coaching to come in handy, as you can enjoy real-time feedback on form for immediate improvement, while Post-Run Insights ensure that you will concentrate on the recommended drills and exercises for long-term improvement during your next run. Hopefully, with this in your arsenal, your long term health will improve along with your running times.

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