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LumiVolt Ultra Portable Charger has own flashlight just in case of emergencies

lumivolt-chargerNot all portable chargers are created equal – the LumiVolt Ultra Portable Charger from Thinkgeek might be rather affordable at just $19.99 a pop, but this does not mean that it is unable to get the job done with additional features thrown into the mix! I am referring to the ability of the LumiVolt Ultra Portable Charger doubling up as an impromptu flashlight just in case of an emergency. Measuring roughly the size of a whiteboard marker while tipping the scales at less than a deck of cards, the LumiVolt Ultra Portable Charger will play nice with just about any other device out there which charges using a micro USB port!

Capable of holding up to 2,000 mAh of juice, it should be more than enough to help you make that all important phone call should you actually run out of battery halfway throughout the day simply because you forgot to juice up the smartphone the night before. It basically works right out of the box there and then without missing a beat, and can be recharged itself by hooking it up to your computer via USB or simply plugging it directly into the wall.