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Luminara Moving Wick Candles – a Gift Idea that’s on Fire


I have to admit I’ve made the switch to electric candles, I know they don’t look completely authentic, but I like the fact that they’re safe, don’t drip wax everywhere and the high end models can even be set to come on at a certain time everyday. I like how flickering candles set a lovely holiday mood. Yes, the real thing is always prettier… that is until now.

 Check out Luminara’s Moving Wick candle, an unbelievably realistic battery operated candle that puts all other fake flame candles to shame. These mesmerizing candles make a charming gift idea for almost anyone on your list, and they come complete with a timer function, and a remote control.

Available in different sizes, and quite a few colors, these real wax, scented candles use the latest electromagnetic technology to create a beautiful, random flicker and cast a true light that’s incredibly similar to real flames. In fact, it’s such an incredibly life-like flame that you’ll have to see it to believe it. So check out the video HERE. Whether you buy one for yourself, or as a gift, I can assure you, you won’t get burned! Available at, for under 50 bucks, but don’t forget it needs D batteries, which are not included.