The Lumiere – smart oil diffusion for your home


When you get a whiff of a delightful smell, it can change your entire mood. It’s very much the same as your favorite song coming on the radio. While those random encounter moments are wonderful, wouldn’t it be nice to have a mood lift during the day whenever you’d like? The power of positivity doesn’t always cut it, which is why we resort to gadgets and gizmos to enhance our lives.

This is the Lumiere, and it is all about oil diffusion, but probably not in the way that you’re used to. Most of the time we think of heating oil above a candle and letting the smell take over or adding oil to a diffuser filled with water. The Lumiere has space for four capsules that are recyclable, and use piezo diffusion to get the smell out of the capsule and into your nostrils. This is a type of cold diffusion that will keep the oils intact, and needs no water or cleaning after use. It’s also totally silent, which is usually a pretty big plus. It uses your phone for activation, and you can schedule diffusion to be whenever you’d like. Changing out capsules literally takes a second, and your phone will automatically recognize which capsule you put in.

There is a line of capsules already created which focus on relaxation, rest, arousal, happiness, energy levels, getting rid of tobacco smoke smells, getting a clear head, purification, breathing easy, sleep, and empty capsules that you can fill how you see fit. The capsules can be mailed back to the creator’s HQ for a coupon for future Lumiere-related purchases, which you will likely want as this system is built to only use capsules from the company. If interested, you’ll need to shell out around $219 for a starter setup with 4 capsules/aromas of your choice.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter