LumiCharge II LED desk lamp

A lamp is something that many of us take for granted, especially when it is all-too-common. What if there is a lamp that changes the way you look at things, literally? Enter the LumiCharge II LED desk lamp that boasts of a slew of new design features and upgrades compared to its predecessor. Some of the new features that are in step with modern day living include the capacity to offer wireless charging for mobile devices, a smartwatch attachment, programmed daylight savings, and a smart LED display, among others. The whole idea of the LumiCharge II is to deliver a highly functional LED desk lamp that is able to fit into the lifestyle of students, families, and offices without looking out of place.

It is extremely common for everyone to constantly charge their smartphones throughout the day, considering the high amount of usage the handset experiences. The LumiCharge II hopes to make life more convenient, letting you power up your smartphone’s drained battery without looking out of place on the table. It does not matter just what kind of handset you are using or the brand, the LumiCharge II does not discriminate in any way at all.

The multifunctional LumiCharge II was specially designed with clean aesthetics and practical usefulness in mind. While there is no word on pricing as at press time, you can be sure that it will be highly affordable when it hits the market later this year after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Imagine entering the office and plonking down your handset on the base of the LumiCharge II to power it up. By the time you catch up with your colleagues during a water cooler break, you and your smartphone are more than ready to embark on a full day of meetings within and outside of the office’s walls.

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