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The Lumen is an electronic handpan

lumen handpan

Thanks to the Internet, we can see different types of culture, traditions, and music from all over the world. For those out there that are musicians, this means seeing a lot of unique instruments that you might want to try out and possibly add to your own tunes down the line. If you’ve seen a handpan and looked into getting one of decent quality, then you know that they don’t come cheap.

If getting the real deal is too far out of your grasp at the moment, the Lumen might give you an option that is far more accessible. This is an electronic percussion instrument that comes in the form of a traditional handpan that you can change the sound of at will. The beauty of this device is that it will work the same way a regular handpan would, and with the built-in amplified speakers it will perform just the same as well.

While having electronic components does give you a wider range of what you can do with it, there is the issue of power. This will give you about four hours of play time before it will need another charge, which does limit how long your jam session can be. Thankfully that seems to be the only drawback though, as you’ll be able to adjust the key and scale while playing, there’s a MIDI output, and it will only cost around $599-799. That is a high price, but compared to the $1800 or more it would otherwise cost, this is a pretty fair alternative.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo