The Lumen uses your body heat to make light


Halloween is just around the corner, which means we’ve been spending the month watching scary movies. Sadly, a common theme is that people are always out of power for their phones, lights, and other electronic devices at just the worst possible time. If you want to make sure you’re never that person, then why don’t you stop relying on electricity? It’s a bit of a tall order, but there are options out there that will let you do it!

 The Lumen is a very small yet amazing device that needs only your touch to work. This is the size of a chunky keychain, since it is one, and uses your body heat to produce an electric current. It uses a thermoelectric generator, and the metal body of the Lumen acts as a radiator. It’s only powering a single LED, which is about as much light as your phone can give off.

Dropping your flashlight and it turning off would be the next thing that could happen if you lived in a horror movie. Thankfully, the creators of lumen thought of that too as they put a glass vial of tritium gas and phosphor inside, which should produce light for over a decade so you can find it in the dark. This is going to cost you around $50 for the aluminum version with the tritium vial, but you can opt for a higher or lower price bracket depending on how fancy you want to go.

Available for purchase on Kickstarter