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The Luma Mobile Phone Night Light gives you a teeny bedside lamp

Luma Mobile Phone Night Light

When you’re all snuggled into bed, it’s hard not to read a book or scroll on your phone to unwind your mind a bit. It usually translates to getting lost in whatever you’re doing for hours at a time, but hey, you’re an adult and you can do whatever you want. The least you can do for yourself is try and prevent the impending blindness you’ll cause yourself from staring at a bright screen with no other source of light.

Whether you use this as backlighting or a bedside lamp for reading, this Luma Mobile Phone Night Light could come in quite handy. This is a little clamp that you’ll put onto your phone over top of the light on the back. Once it’s fixed in its proper place and you turn on the flashlight function, the LED will be diffused by the clear plastic lamp, providing whatever room you’re in with plenty of soft white light.

Since this is held in place by tension on the clip, this might not stretch wide enough to accommodate all phone types. There are blue, grey, and red clip versions available, though the lamp aspect will always be clear. These are a tad pricey at $9.99, but would certainly be a novel gift for those who love to be up at night. Of course, you will likely be eating up hours of battery and light on your phone with this little trinket. If this isn’t exactly what you want, there are other versions of this available that might be more accommodating to phones of all shapes and sizes.

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