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LUMA Dice are made of metal and LED-powered to turn tabletop gaming into a rave


When you’ve got a role-playing game going, you want to make the setting as realistic as possible. Say you’re doing a campaign on a ship in Star Trek, so you turn on YouTube and play the ever-present rumble of the engine, and wear pins that look like combadges. All of these little aspects help you get into character all the more, which is why having dice that fit the theme is an awesome way to amp up your gaming experience.

While you do normally have companions to go through the myriad of worlds with you, your dice are the only ones who truly stick by you during the whole shebang. They can make or break you, and having a cool set helps (your confidence more than anything). If you’re looking for a six-sided die that is going to add some special ambiance to your game, these LUMA Dice are looking like a pretty solid choice, literally.

These are aluminum die that have 21 LEDs in them, with each side having its own color. The 6 side is blue, 5 side is green, 4 side is red, 3 side is yellow, 2 side is purple, and the single dot is cyan. It is motion activated, and after 20 seconds of no use, it will shut off automatically so you don’t waste any precious battery. This does have a replaceable battery, and uses one that should only cost you around $2, although it should last you for a good deal of time depending on how often you play. This is going to cost you $29 for a set of two, and is certainly going to be a conversation piece for you and your friends. For those with concern, these are weighted appropriately, so you’re still going to get accurate rolls despite the battery and extra bits inside.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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