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Lully helps frazzled parents out by helping put their children to sleep

lullyBeing a new parent can be a really tough job – there are just so many different responsibilities that one will have to take up and own, not to mention the frazzled, sleepless nights as well as constant clean-ups and diaper changing sessions. Well, when your baby starts to grow older and in those pre-school years, a new set of challenges would present itself – even more so when your little one has another sibling, as two of them can sure as heck cause plenty of havoc around the home. Even at night when you are totally bushed, you might be surprised that your little “Energizer Bunnies” would still continue rambling – how else to help them get to sleep, especially when it comes to avoiding them dreaded night terrors? Enter the Lully.

Lully, being made available to consumers for the very first time, claims to be the only proven solution to night terrors. The Lully system will lull a child to sleep (hence its name) by sending gentle vibration from under the mattress to the child right before the night terrors kick in. These vibrations are touted to be able to protect the child from having night terrors, and it is by no means concocted by a group of quack doctors. In fact, Lully was developed from research at Stanford University and is proven to stop 9 out of 10 night terrors.

One does wonder why do children these days experience more night terrors than in the past, and night terrors happen to be caused when a child enters an unhealthy stage of deep sleep. When you manage to solve the issue of such night terrors, you can be sure that parents’ themselves would also be able to have a better quality of life in the long run. The Lully will retail for $169 a pop – small price to pay for quality sleep! Perhaps using the Lully with the iMusic Pillow would be a potent combo.

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