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Lucy is a solar powered light that doesn’t use a light bulb

Lucy Solar Powered Sun Lamp

It seems funny that we pay to have light in our houses, and then fall short on Vitamin D intake because we are hardly ever in direct sunlight. It is certainly nice to have the windows open here and there to let in some sun and fresh air, but if it’s hot out you don’t want to add to the electric bill trying to keep the place cool to balance it out. If you wish you could soak up vitamin D from sunlight and cut down on your electric bill without having to make another sacrifice, aside from parting with some money, then do I have the product for you.

Its name is Lucy, and it is a smart mirror that can keep track of where the sun is all day long, and will reflect light to wherever you want it. It looks like a modern piece of art, but once you point it to where you would like your light to be, it will spring to life. As it will keep track of the sun, you don’t have to do anything else aside from enjoy your new lamp that is powered by the sun. Quite reminiscent of that scene in The Mummy, but with a modern twist!

Seeing that simple yet effective ends up being pricey, the $199 price tag that comes on this hopefully won’t be too much of a shocker to most. This is great for those in sunny areas like California, but for those who more often than not have cloudy days, this is a lot of money to sink for something that will only work some of the time. What it could save in electricity would be nice, but not a lot as you’ll still be using all of the other normal appliances, and not many of us need too much extra light on a sunny day anyhow.

Available for pre-order on preorderlucy