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Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box

Karaoke is one invention that some love while others loathe, as it is very easy to see/hear your friends butcher your favorite tunes. If you happen to love to sing the top of your lungs off but know on the other hand that you would never make it as a candidate or representative of your family or office as a singer, then the Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box is just the device for you.

Thanks to its squawk-disguising echo effect, Lucky Voice makes even sub-Scooch singers sound vaguely bearable. Think of it as a magic box that transforms your computer into the ultimate karaoke machine. If that’s too taxing think of it as the most hilariously entertaining gizmo you’re ever likely to buy. Once guests have downed a few shandies you’ll be amazed at the notes they hit and the poses they strike (and that’s not necessarily a good thing). To get started simply create a playlist (or choose a preselected one) on, turn up your speakers and get wailing. Rammed with over 6000 songs, from Amy Winehouse to Abba, the Lucky Voice website is a doddle to use. Just type in a title or artist and before you can say ‘Bismallah, no!’ the search engine will do the biz (sans vocals, of course). You even get the lyrics bopping out of your screen in true karaoke fashion. ‘And through it aaall…’

Have a rip-roaring good time at your next party with the £49.95 Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box.