Lucky Dawg, your robotic best friend

Wrex the Dawg

WoW Wee are continuing to impress me with their cool toys and robots, one of this years offerings is Wrex the robotic dog and he does everything you’d expect from a pet dog, he looks cute, barks and even cocks his leg and has a virtual pee, cool!

Wrex has three different moods (happy, angry and crazy) and 3 desires (exercise, call of nature and hunger), he expresses this via his zany rotating eyes. He can roam around on his own, avoids obstacles, plays games and generally acts like a real dog, albeit on wheels. Check out the video of him in action

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Lucky Dog is due to be released in quarter 3 this year and will be priced at $129.99, so to see it on a few Christmas wish lists (I can’t believe I’ve just mentioned Christmas in January).