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Lucis portable LED lamp is no slouch

lucisHaving a well lighted home is always more than a welcome gesture, taking into consideration how lighting does play a very vital role in determining the mood or ambiance of a particular place. As we strive to be a more energy efficient society, it makes perfect sense then to ensure that our lighting options too, are energy efficient. Meet Lucis, which is a powerful yet portable LED lamp that will boast the ability of displaying more than 16 million colors.

Of course, to be able to go through all those colors in a lifetime would be madness at one color a day, but thankfully, most of these shades are so close to one another, your eyes would find it to be nigh impossible to tell the difference. In fact, if you feel that a particular color is far from pleasing to your eyes, you can always touch the Lucis and change not only the color, but brightness as well, in order to set the appropriate mood at that particular time.

What makes the Lucis lifestyle LED Mood Lamp so special? For starters, it will have more than 80 hours of battery life while running on a single charge, and since it comes in an innovative cube design, it can be carried around just about wherever you go, going to show how Lucis was specially designed around the importance that light plays in people’s lives.

In fact, one might even be able to classify Lucis as the world’s first social lamp. It was designed from the ground up to be shared and played with, where the touch sensors enable users to easily adjust the brightness or color, and from lava, candle, or torch mode. Not only that, to turn the lamp on and off, all that you need to do is to shake it. Lucis will be powered by 250 lumen (25 watt lamp), and is adjustable to more than 16 million different colors, while measuring a perfect 4.3” x 4.3” x 4.3”. It is also splash-proof, and is right now an Indiegogo project with a starting price of $39 for the basic model.

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