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The LUCi Ring helps hair stylists keep from clipping their fingers


When you start delving into one particular profession, you start to learn the ins and outs of the business. For those that are involved in hair coloring and styling, you begin to learn that no one knows about hair until they spend hours and hours working with it. If you ever thought about getting your hair colored, try asking your stylist if they can take your hair color from black to platinum in an appointment that was originally supposed to be a trim and see how they react (also let them know it’s a joke or they will not be happy).

If you’re not a stylist, the LUCi Ring isn’t going to be a big deal to you, but for those who are snipping and clipping all day, this is a finger-saver. The untrained eye would think this is a chunky piece of bling, but it’s actually a finger guard to keep your skin from being sliced open with shears. When you pull hair through your fingers to snip the ends and start whizzing through your work without thinking, one momentary distraction will have you coloring your client’s hair with red, unintentionally.

This is a sterling silver ring that comes in sizes from 5 to 15, requiring you to know what your middle or first finger is sized at. Since these are such a niche product, they’re going to cost you $90. If you like the premise but don’t want to wear it all the time, there’s also a LUCi Leash that will let you clip the ring onto a necklace to keep it out of the way when your hands are doing dirty work. Jewelry that is both functional and awesome to look at? Yes please.

Available for purchase on luciring