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Lubricheck – Is It Okay NOT to Change Your Oil?

You know how ever since you first were learning to drive your dad told you that you needed to have the oil changed in your car about every 5000 miles? Remember how every time you didn’t do it (and that was a lot) you felt guilty and like you were ruining your car? Well, as it turns out you may have been on to something, the oil in your car isn’t always bad, and doesn’t always need changing at 5000 miles, but how can you know for sure?
Welcome Lubricheck, after all, why spend time feeling guilty or dodging your dad (not to mention wasting time and spending money you don’t have)on unnecessary oil changes, when now you can easily test your oil anytime, at your convenience. Lubricheck will tell you in less than a minute, the quality of your motor’s oil before you make a trip to the shop. You’ll know for sure whether you need to change your oil, or not.
I think saving the Earth from thousands of unnecessary oil changes (and the resulting oil disposals) is not only a money saving benefit to us, but makes pretty good ecological sense as well. Lubricheck is able to measure the acidity of your oil, (as the oil degrades, acidity increases). Acidic oil can ‘pit’ the metal surfaces inside your engine and in such a situation you would require an oil change. Lubricheck can also detect contaminants in your oil, like metal particles, water or coolant. Luricheck is not only a tool that helps you save on oil changes, it actually can give you insight as to the “health” of your car.
Lubricheck is soon to be available for under 40 bucks, so visit the website at to learn more about Lubricheck and its associated record keeping apps (Lubritrack) and to be updated on its release date. Would you feel comfortable not changing your engines oil?

4 thoughts on “Lubricheck – Is It Okay NOT to Change Your Oil?”

  1. So, when that sludge build up destroys my engine, are you gonna replace it for me? Automotive Manufacturers are finding that the viscosity of todays motor oils are NOT what they’re supposed to be, therefore the push to use synthetic oil. Now your telling people that it’s okay not to change oil? BTW the rule is every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Only synthetic can go 5,000 miles . Maybe you should at least do SOME research before you go destroying peoples $4,000 engines.

  2. Yes, Its what we’ve been taught, and most people still tend to believe what you say, but the truth is changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles might have been necessary in the 1970s, but not in this day and age… most auto-makers agree its not needed… Toyota-5000 Honda-7500 BMW- 15,000 perhaps the oil companies will still tell you differently, but my Daddy was right.

  3. A regular Oil change is still the cheapest service you give your engine!
    If you finds this to be to onerous than get a bicycle, but then you will have to service that as well.

  4. The 3000 mile oil change is a myth that’s been perpetuated since WWII. The USA is the only nation in the world with Jiffylubes and Valvoline fast oil change businesses who still perpetuate this myth. The major oil companies love this myth too, and provided the science claiming the life extension of oil using technology such as GM’s oil life cycle technology (installed in most new model vehicles since 2009.)
    Lubricheck is valid technology based on known SCIENCE and empirical evidence. I get tired of hearing uninformed know it all’s who claim other wise. And yes, the Lubricheck has product insurance for any such claims of engine damage. I’m one of the INVENTORS – Charles

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