Love Toast makes everyday Valentine’s Day

What’s your favorite kind of breakfast? Some of us love bacon and eggs, and what’s a plate of that without any toast? The Love Toast set works just fine, as it allows you to make everyday Valentine’s Day whenever you prepare breakfast for your loved one.

All you have to do is get to your loved one’s slice of seeded granary before they do and stamp your message of love in the middle and you’re golden. A simple, fun way to tell the one you love that, well, you love them more than toast (which is probably quite a lot for most people). We all know that all food tastes better with love, so if you can actually put love on the food then it’s bound to taste amazing. Just make sure you don’t stick in the toaster.

While it costs a mere £2.99, it would definitely brighten up the day, especially after a monster argument the night before.