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Lovatics "Kissenger" – Kiss me you Pig!

Ah the long distance relationship. Most of us have tried them, not all of us have succeeded. I guess the romantic notion still stands, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, or was that “out of sight out of mind”? Hey wait a minute here, there’s a big difference there, but our next gadget is sure to help ease the pain of your long distance romance. Welcome Kissenger, no not the politician, the robotic pig… made of silicon and equipped with some soft and smooch-able lips, Kissenger is designed to work in tandem with his long distance pig partner enabling 2 long distance human lovers to engage in an Internet make out session, via the pigs. Weird right? But lets just admit it, its not the first time any of us have kissed a pig, am I right? Anyway, you just smooch away on your Kissenger’s touch sensitive lips and he (or she, I suppose) Don’t want to make anyone all crazy here… sends the kiss to the other pig (the robot, not your girlfriend) and that Kissenger moves his little lips and makes a bit of a humming noise, which may or may not be disconcerting, but I digress. So there you have it, two people in love, far away from each other, making out with plastic pigs… oh forget it, I have no where to go from here. I see no reason why Kissenger the kissing robot wont be able to save scores of long distance relationships the world over! Get out the violins and light some candles. And you thought romance was dead. By the way, for those of you still reading, no, he doesn’t have a tongue. Seriously? source ]]>