Lovable Robot USB Hubs

Now this is a robot you don’t have to worry about taking over the world.  When everything has been taken over by robots, these will stay happily neutral thanks to their simple function.  Even their look is completely harmless, since they look more similar to what we believed robots would look like about 50 years ago.  Now that we’re closer to an age of robots, we have a much more sophisticated idea of robots, obviously.

The robot has a total of 4 USB ports, one on each arm and then one on the bottom of each foot.  The location of the second set seems a little inconvenient.  In order to use all 4 you’d have to lay down the robot flat instead of letting it proudly stand at attention on your desk.  This comes in 6 different colors and each color has a different design.  You can pick it up in red, pink, black, gray, light blue and yellow.  Each one costs $18.95.

Source: ChipChick

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