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The Loud Mini Bicycle Horn makes sure everyone knows you’re near

Loud Mini Bicycle Horn

When we’re just learning about the world as wee babes, everything is a learning experience. We hone in on patterns to try and make sense of all the goings-on around us so that we don’t fail as adults. One thing you’ll learn pretty quickly when driving a car is that when you hear a car horn, it’s time to pay close attention to everything around you, because your life could be in danger.

If you prefer riding a bicycle, a bike bell is not going to be as easy to recognize as a threat to drivers, which is why you should switch to using a car horn. While there are certainly other gizmos out there that do the same thing, this Loud Mini Bicycle Horn will make sure drivers care about where you are on the road. This powerful little speaker has all the oomph in sound that a full-sized car would, but comes in a package small enough to mount on the front of your bike, and store in your bag when you don’t need it.

This weighs less than a pound, and can hold enough juice in its rechargeable battery to give you the equivalent of 480 honks. Hopefully that should last you 4 months. You color options are either all black, or black and orange, and it will cost you $149. Don’t worry about whether it’s rain or shine, as this is water resistant and can handle hot or cold weather for those of you crazy enough to bike in snow.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter