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Lost Item Preventer could be a lifesaver

lost-item-preventerAre there domestic moments in your life when your better half asks you where a particular item is, and you do not seem to be able to remember where you placed it? Items such as the house keys, the car key, or perhaps even a smartphone or remote control – these are tiny little bits and pieces of stuff that could cause stress in a relationship if it is not handled properly. Well, the $59.95 Lost Item Preventer should be able to put an end to all arguments, since if it works up to its namesake, it should do its bit to smoothen out any ruffles in a rocky patch.

The Lost Item Preventer are beacons that can be attached to any of your personal belongings, which in turn prevents them from getting lost. There is a free smartphone app which will enable one to assign a picture and beacon to any item that you would like to locate. Should said item be lost, the app provides an easy to use “hotter” or “colder” interface which informs you visually if you’re getting closer or further away from the item and activates the beacon’s built-in buzzer so that the location can be further established if it is under a pillow or between couch cushions. The beacons and app can also be set to notify you when you are 100′ away from an item, which prevents you from leaving a jacket or purse behind – say, a restaurant or a pub. Each beacon is powered by a CR2032 battery, and there will be a trio of beacons for each purchase.