Lost Feline Locator

Cats aren’t like dogs at all, where the latter are more obedient (if well trained), returning upon your recall command without wandering off in their pursuit of happiness. Cats on the other hand, have a strong mind of their own, often popping up as an when they like it without requiring your consent or approval. The Lost Feline Locator helps you keep tabs on Garfield, where a homing tag is attached to his collar while a credit card sized handset will broadcast a radio frequency that penetrates walls, doors, and furniture to locate the tag. There are eight LEDs that illuminate in succession, helping guide you in the direction of your cat. In order to make the task easier, the audible tone becomes louder as you home in on your feline friend, but be aware that you are tracking a moving target. The Lost Feline Locator has a working range of at least 200′ indoors or outdoors, retailing for $99.95 each.

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