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Never again lose your teabag string to a hot watery grave with Tea Buttons

Tea Buttons

We all have a beverage that keeps us alive during the day. It seems to be a pretty even divide between those who love tea or coffee. While coffee does have a lot of variety and will keep you wired, it doesn’t quite have the diversity that tea possesses. There are teas to help you sleep, aid with illness, keep you awake, and much more.

While loose leaf tea is always going to shoot bagged out of the water, many tea lovers still use this option (it’s cheaper and still tastes darn good). The only problem with this quick fix is that the string and tag don’t really like to keep out of the water. Oftentimes you’ll pour in your water, look away, and the string is on its final descent to the bottom of the cup. Sure, you can fish it out with a spoon, but it’s going to be unpleasantly toasty to the touch. If you’d like to make sure that bag string can’t escape you, these Tea Buttons will surely keep them in place.

These are small red silicone buttons that have a slot in the side for your string. There is a suction cup on the back which will allow you to firmly attach this button in place. As they are a bit tiny, you will want to make sure you hand wash them and keep them in a place you’ll remember. Otherwise you’ll have spent $4.99 for nothing. That price will get you a set of 6 buttons that measure a half inch in diameter.


Available for purchase on perpetualkid, found via foolishgadgets

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