Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Do you still remember the wonders of film photography? What is that? What do you mean, cameras have never used films? You must be one of the modern generation brats who live in an “instant” culture, and the first exposure you had to cameras were of the digital kind. Let me share with you, my young padawan, of the days when cameras still used films that had to be developed in a dark room. In an effort to bridge the gap between the past, present and the future, this UK exclusive £59.99 Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner might be just the tool that you were looking for, as it allows you to scan, edit and share all your 35mm film stock, directly into the smartphone itself (memory permitting, of course).

The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner is completely compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms, where it relies on a direct light panel to evenly and efficiently scan negatives and slides onto your smartphone. Not only that, it will also take advantage of decent Lomo technology so that you can churn out your fair share of slideshows, movies and panoramas along the way.

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