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Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera

Take a Lomo camera and have it shoot at all angles around you and what do you get? Why, the Lomo Panoramic 360° Camera, of course! This £99.99 addition to your shutterbug collection will put a whole new perspective on things, and despite using 35mm film and a manual rubber band drive, it is one unique camera that is capable of shooting truly panoramic shots of the world around you. All you need to do is take hold of the handle, tug the ripcord and check out the Lomo as it spins on its own axis, shootnig everything all round in sight, making the final product four times longer compared to the standard landscape snap. Perfect for those who want to expand upon their photography skills, and you can also shoot 180° images by only pulling the cord halfway. Since it uses traditional film, you’ll probably need to make more budget for all the amount of film involved, not to mention its processing.