Logitech Wireless Headset H820e launched

Logitech has just launched the Logitech Wireless Headset H820e, where it has been specially manufactured for unified communications and PC-based soft phones, delivering together enterprise-grade audio as well as innovative features, all crammed into an affordable package that delivers wireless freedom which is practical for just about anyone and everyone in the organization, and it is also capable of working in all types of locations – ranging from traditional cubicles to open offices, and heck, even from home.

Just what do you think the Logitech Wireless Headset H820e will be able to deliver right out of the box? For starters, it comes with true-to-life sound, so even if you work in the noisiest of environments, the noise-cancelling microphone would still be able to help you get your message across loud and clear, where it is made possible thanks to the acoustic echo cancellation and digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities. Other than that, do bear in mind that the headset has been optimized for Microsoft Lync, and will also play nice with all major unified communication and soft phone applications, Cisco platforms included.

You will be able to garner an industry-leading 10 hours of wideband talk time, which should be more than enough to get through even the longest workday. You will be able to choose from two models – mono and dual, which will work with one ear and both ears, respectively, and regardless of which model you choose, you will still not have to fork out more than $200.

Logitech has decided to design the Logitech H820e based on their heritage for human-centric design, where it boasts of an in-call LED indicator light located at the back of the microphone boom so that it prevents interruptions during calls, on-ear volume control buttons that have been carefully positioned on either side of the head band that makes it easy to find via touch, and auto-pair by docking.

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