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Logitech reveals their Logi Circle Portable Home Connection Camera

logi-circleThe world does seem to be a far more dangerous place than we originally thought it to be, especially when you compare it to the time of our forefathers. Back then, we could sleep well at night even when we did not have to lock the door, but now, having lots of bolts and locks on the door and gate is essential, not to mention a well trained guard dog in your yard, and just in case all those layers of security have been breached, there is always a security or home camera to keep track of things. Well, Logitech, a company that rolls out computer peripherals like keyboards, mice and speakers, is back with something different – the Logi Circle portable home connection camera.

This places the Logi Circle as a camera and companion app which will ensure that whatever happens in the comfort of your own home, you will be able to see those developments live on your smartphone in real time, which will also let you instantly engage with whomever is at home, ensuring that precious moments such as baby’s first words, or first attempt at walking, are not missed.

Thanks to the the free app that will work on both iOS and Android platforms, one will be able to stream Live HD Video with 2-Way Talk & Listen over Wi-Fi. Not only that, smart filtering of all video happens with the Scene Intuition technology, letting viewers see what matters most at home. It will also be able to pick up your home life patterns in due time, while filtering the footage in order to have it send alerts only on interesting activity, which means you do not have to sit through boring spam footage. Should you want to check out what kind of action has been recorded, Day Briefs will show an auto-generated, 30-second video summary of the best moments from that day.

The Logi Circle will carry a recommended retail price of $199.99, where shipping is tipped to happen this month.

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